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Officially launched in 2018, the Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game is a music game developed by Vietnamese music-tech startup Amanotes. Just like other music or piano games, the rules are simple: you will see piano tiles showing up along with music, and just tap the black tiles to catch the beat of the song and never tap the white ones. Feel the music and listen carefully to the rhythm change, control your finger to achieve and maintain a perfect equilibrium to get a high score.


Instead of just rhythm and notes with no vocals, the game features real hit songs from Black Pink, Bigbang, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and many other popular artists. Unlock more than thousands of songs as you progress further in the game and expect even more new songs to be added to the game by the developer. Enjoy the great vocals from songs of multiple different genres including Pop, EDM, classical, country, Latin and more, and at the same time play your finger to the rhythm.


How long you need to stay on the same black tile depends on how long the beat lasts and how frequently it changes. So you will always play better if you are familiar with the song. Even for the same song, you can choose between basic mode and Pro mode. In the Pro mode, songs will be played much faster and thus becomes more difficult to catch the beat. No worry if you fail at certain levels, the game provides you with unlimited revive for free so you can play non-stoppable. Practice until you become more skillful and are able to pass the level. Another great feature is that there are no ads in the game so you can expect no disturbance and enjoy the game to its fullest. This is very rare in free games nowadays.

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