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Released in November 2018, My Talking Tom 2 is a virtual pet game developed by Slovenian studio Outfit7 and is a sequel to My Talking Tom. Take care of an anthropomorphic tabby cat originally named Tom. Interaction with the cat in multiple ways and help him grow from a baby kitten to a grown cat and enjoy the fun of growing your own child. Feed him, bathe him, put him asleep, help him learn new skills, pop him to the toilet, and take care of him when he is not feeling good. You need to do everything that a real pet keeper does in real life.     


It’s a game to unleash your creativity. Not only can you name your cat by your own choice, but you can also pick furs, clothing, and furniture for him, of which the game offers more than hundreds of different combinations. Customize your baby cat and do a fashion show. Visit your friends’ house in the game and see what their cats look like. Get more ideas and change Tom’s look anytime. Interaction between you and Tom is intuitive and is based on real petting in daily life. Tom feels happy when you bring him the latest snacks, feels frustrated if you ignore him for a while, and he feels tired when you play with him for too long. No matter what mood your cat is having today, he will always look so lovely and adorable. As the sequel to the first installment, the game now can even offer you more. Tom now can have his own pet and play with it, and as you collect more rewards and coins, you can even buy him a plane, amazing!      


When you feel bored and want to run away a little bit, the game offers many mini-games and puzzles as a bonus challenge and is also loads of fun.

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