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Heads Up! is a game that is a new way to chat with friends! If you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter or any other type of caregiver then Heads Up! can be an ideal way to keep kids entertained and engaged for hours. The game is simple enough that preschoolers can play it too. So how do you get started with Heads Up!? Here are some quick tips on what you need to play and how the rules work.


Players should sit in a circle. If you’re playing solo, then you can sit in either look. Place a card down as a marker. The person who sits in the middle picks up the marker and says “Heads Up!” Players take turns spinning their hands. If that spinner says “Heads Up!” then everyone pulls hands from their pocket and places them face down on the table. The person at the center then picks up both cards by their edges, raises them up, and says “Heads Up!” with a smile on your face. The game ends when a player says it incorrectly. If correct, then the marker is passed to the next player.


There don’t have many rounds. Players may play as long as they want. You may even invent a way to play and create your own game. If playing solo, then pick your own points to add on such as following directions, counting objects, saying words correctly, or making up and acting out a story. Everyone has to listen and follow directions from anyone who is “Hearing Heads Up!” that day. If playing with a group, then you may choose to play for time, money, or points. For example, you have 30 seconds to get as many answers correct as possible. On a 10 out of 10, you’ll play another round. If you get 11 out of 10, then you get another round. The game ends when there are no more cards left and players can pick up their marker or if all players have had enough time. Overall say it's a really good game.

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