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Are you good at describing something? Do you think you’re a smart guy? What do you usually do when you get together with your friends? I want to introduce you to a game; this game is very suitable for everyone to play. Because this game will be a rapid increase in the party's atmosphere, heard here, you are interested in it? It's called Heads Up! By Warner Bros. . Development of International Enterprises.


Heads Up is a beautifully drawn casual game with unique gameplay and beautiful graphics that are simple and challenging to play. Do you like charades? Heads up. Just a fun crossword puzzle! From the name of a famous person to a song. You can also play one of many exciting categories, including fun games like Harry Potter, friends, Miracle, or create a category that can contain all the types you like. Before the timer runs out, guess the words on the card above your head from a friend's clue.


While your friend is excitedly shouting out clues, guess the words on the screen. Do you have an answer? Ding! Keep your head down, move on to the following term, and play the guessing game. Look up and jump to a new catchphrase. So, are you ready to straighten your head and have the best party game ever? I think it's a magical game because you feel that the key is to achieve your goals with your friends and have the fun of fighting with them. Are you familiar with the rules of the game? To put it simply, you need two people to play the game. Word checkers open the game, pick a topic, place the phone face upon their forehead, and speakers use other words to explain the word's meaning. If you cannot guess the word down, you can pass the word. If you scroll up, that means you're right, and you jump to the next question. Does that sound like fun? Are you starting to get interested? Go ahead and download it.

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