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Do you have an extensive vocabulary? How is your spelling? Because I have to say that the game, I want to recommend to you requires some vocabulary mastery, but trust me, it's exciting. The game is called wordle! Created by Lion Studios Plus.


This is a fascinating crossword puzzle, and it is a simple English scrabble game. Players need to guess a set of five letters of English words, such as world and realm. However, the game has slightly strange rules, such as the word-guessing machine only six times a day, the answer only one day. This gives wordle a social dimension that you can quickly guess and flaunt in the community. In terms of how we play it, when we go into the game, we see that there are six spaces, and you have six chances. There is also an English keyboard below. After entering a valid English word, click Enter, and the base color of the letter will change. Green means "the English letter is right, the position is right", yellow means "the English letter is right, but the position is wrong", and grey means "the English letter is wrong". If you type in a word, five letters all green, you guessed it right!


Wordplay is a free word puzzle with a twist. Train Your Brain and test your vocabulary by finding as many words as you can in a given amount of time. Scan the letters to build a word and score points in the process. If you like wordplay, you'll like wordle! A fresh and straightforward game screen can give you a comfortable game experience. If you really can not find the word does not matter. The game has to set up the prompt function for you, and it is free! Join the word game support online score ranking. You can see the list of the world's top men. Simple operation of the game, but the exact text of the player's vocabulary improves your vocabulary of the excellent match. You can learn a new language or review your linguistics by choosing from different dictionaries! Combine the best word search and related games for a truly challenging and addictive experience! Expand your vocabulary as you search for words in hundreds of phases, each with a different focus. At this point, are you interested? If you like it, download it!

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