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The success of the fashion industry has always been a huge topic that has had all professionals and anyone else, who has an interest in this industry up all night. Fashion Evolution is a new game by Salon Game, which has previously released games like Fashion Revolution and Selfie Revolution. In this game, you'll explore how fashionable people have grown and changed over time. Each year will be a new era with its own designs. When the first fashion designer was discovered is up for debate, but it's clear that society began to learn how to create clothes with patterns and colors. In this game, you can play in any era that you want! Plus, it's really easy to solve difficult levels: open the image using your right mouse button on mobile or click on the image on computers to read more about that particular era.


You will also find out about some of the most influential fashion designers. It's an unusual game because it'll teach you about these people and how they've designed their clothes, both finished and unfinished. This game is a great way to inspire your creativity! Fashion design is usually thought of as very competitive, but this game shows that a single designer can get ahead of other people just by being more creative or by balancing good design with practicality or capacity. You'll also see that fashion can be whimsically simple, such as in the period of the French Revolution when only a few people dictated fashion trends through their own sense of style.


The game was developed with a deck of 100 cards, each showing two different designs. You will find hundreds of combinations that show people and designs, such as the work by Coco Chanel or Gucci and how they were influenced by their predecessors. let's see your design in its current year!

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