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Maybe you like tower defense? Are You Good at strategy games? Speaking of strategy games, can you guess what game I'd like to introduce you to? If you see the game's logo, you may be familiar with it. Because the game looks like a very handsome monarch. Yes, the game is Clash of Clans, developed by Supercell.


Clash-of-clans is a strategic tower defense-themed war tour in which you need to run your village and form your tribe against other tribes. The new version of the game includes a new way of playing content, allowing you to experience a different strategy versus game experience. Tribal conflicts take strategic warfare as the theme by running their villages and playing. Home can gradually increase the strength of the troops, and then thousands of players to fight. After the village reached a certain level, it could form tribes with other towns to carry out inter-tribal fighting. Join another tribe or create your tribe and invite your friends to join. Compete with your tribe members against other tribes. Test your skills in a competitive tribal tournament to prove your strength. You can also participate in tribal contests and work with members of your tribe to win magical items.


Defend the village with cannon, arrows, mortars, walls, and traps. The game has many different modes, such as sweeping the Kingdom of Goblin in single-player mode and beating the king of Goblin. Use other arms, spells, and heroes with different arms combinations, and try a variety of unique tactics. You are training the troops and upgrading them. Set off on a journey to the master architect's base to explore new buildings and characters in a mysterious New World. Build the most robust architect base defense and defeat your opponent in a confrontation. Learn new tactics in practice mode, experiment with different combinations of troops and tribal reinforcements, get your hero skin and scene, and create a unique home village. Oh, and finally, I will give you some hints about energy, which I think you'll be interested in.


The game has an energy storage tank used to store the collection of energy. Upgrades increase capacity and building durability. The energy required to upgrade other buildings is extracted from the storage tanks, which can not be upgraded if the power of the storage tanks is less than the amount of energy required to upgrade, which means the storage tank is a crucial building for the upgrade. Energy well. Drawing power from the depths of the Earth. The promotion can increase production efficiency and improve temporarily. Storage capacity can speed up production, and the plundering of other players to obtain resources, their collection is also a large proportion. High-level wells can continuously bring in a substantial amount of energy revenue for the player. Therefore, high-grade energy wells are essential for the urban growth system. What do you say? Do you hear that? Feel interesting right now? Are you ready to play?

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