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Arm Simulator is a game where you are given a robot arm and must complete various tasks. We should start off talking about the mechanics of this game and what it entails to play it, but before we do that let’s cover why this game is so awesome! First of all, Arm Simulator is an amazing way to train your dexterity as well as your coordination skills, which will help you in many aspects of life. It can be a fun way to kill time, but the game can also teach critical skills to those who want to use their brain. So if you don’t know what this game is about, let me give you a quick rundown.


The game starts you off do a bunch of different tasks like zipping a sleeping bag into an actual sleeping bag, throwing a baseball at the wall, grabbing a banana and bringing it back to him, making it fit into an actual box, stacking blocks on top of each other, and many many more. As you can see, they are all very simple tasks that anyone can complete even with considerable practice. There is no way we could possibly go through all of the possible tasks in this game so we will be discussing them in alphabetical order for now.


The first one is block stacking. You have a box filled with blocks and you must take them out and stack them however you want on a table. Simple enough, right? The next task, which is called bumping blocks, is quite similar to stack blocks except that this time all you have to do is move blocks from a source file to a target pile without touching any of the other blocks along the way. It’s not as easy as it may look, trust me! The next task is called catching baseballs, simply just put your hand up so the ball doesn’t hit your head. Here you are going to cook too for your girlfriend. Keeping care of pets. So overall all the tasks are too simple and easygoing. So, let’s start.

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