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Fill The Fridge is an easy game to learn that can help you and your family establish healthy eating habits. It’s great because it doesn’t require any cooking or specialized knowledge, and can be played in a few minutes each day. Our everyday life day by day got busy, as a result, we don’t know organizing. This game is perfect on one hand to give you happiness and other hand increases your real-life ability.


Your mission is simple—fill up the fridge. But don’t forget to think about where things come from—how they were raised and how they were grown. Your thinking will guide you in filling only full-size items—like cans and bottles; not half-full or empty containers that could be refilled with food from another type of container. You can play this game at any time you choose; keep a cookie jar on the counter for those times when you just have a few minutes to warn yourself to be aware of what’s filling your kitchen and how it was raised or grown. You can even play this game by yourself and save the time needed to make dinner. And if your kids are old enough, it can be fun to have them play this game as well, because it helps them as they learn about food and help out in the home. The entire family can share in the fun of planning healthy meals and avoiding packaged foods you don’t need or want—and watch what fills your fridge!


This is a whole-family game about planning healthy meals—and filling your fridge with real foods you enjoy. It helps develop a mindset that will improve how the whole family eats—and reduces the need for junk food available everywhere else but at home. So you can start this game right away.

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