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This is a game that smart girls should not miss. In Trivia Crack, you must enhance your quiz score by answering amusing trivia questions from the game. There is also a somewhat more complex mode of play in this quiz, where you not only answer trivial questions but can also ask multiple-choice questions! You will undoubtedly enjoy playing games with your friends, and with this quiz game, you can challenge your friends and family to endless hours of entertainment. And you will be able to compete against gamers from all over the world while also tracking your progress in the global rankings!


Have a good time with this quiz game while learning about art, sports, science, and other subjects. In the game, there are several categories in which you can compete for prizes by answering three questions correctly or challenging your opponent to a duel. To win, you must collect all six characters. A new game option has also been added, in which you can choose to put your knowledge to the test by answering questions about your chosen subjects. You can also play in survival mode, which combines elements of adventure, enjoyment, and strategy. To stay alive, you must play in real-time and accurately answer questions. By winning matches, you can gain access to prizes as well as a charming pet, which you may customize with a hilarious name. If you pass the brain exam, you will receive tasty cookies to give to your pet. This is also a social game in which you may converse with other players and possibly meet more fascinating people as a result. In addition, you can build quizzes with QUESTION FACTORY in order to demonstrate your understanding! Additionally, you can rate and translate them! The number of points you get determines whether or not you move up or down in the rankings. The top of the leaderboards is where I'm looking forward to seeing you! Now is the time to download this entertaining brain test game!

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