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A Musical Game Like No other. The perfect mobile game for music lovers! Magic Tiles 3 offers you an ad-free and premium experience of the best hits released in 2021. With this game, you’ll be able to play music by your favorite artists: Blackpink, Bigbang and others. You can also make a playlist with various genres of songs that will surprise your friends and family during the Christmas holiday. What’s so different about Magic Tiles?


Magic Tiles 3 lets you play the most popular songs of the year with hit 2021. It’s like going to a concert and staying at home. Enjoy the best songs of all time such as Blackpink, Bigbang and more! Give the gift of music to your loved ones in the year 2021! And just in case your playlist is not really suitable for all occasions, you can also create a playlist for every day of the year. Your mood will always be perfect! You can also save your favorite moments with this app and replay them later.


So, here the points come, how to play Magic Tiles 3. Is it easy a simple like the previous game or a little bit hard? Well, if I said truth then it's a little bit hard from before but this doesn’t matter. Because you are going to find lots of fun while playing. Start the game, and click on the "play" button. Choose a playlist, click "play" and you’ll hear the music of your choice. It won’t take long because, with three thousand songs in the game, you’ll find what you need very quickly! If you want to make a new playlist of your favorite songs, go to the "My Music" option. Then simply select what mode you want. You can also choose between Blackpink and Bigbang for a more commercial atmosphere. This will give your life one of these options: A public or Private playlist. So enjoy this one!!!

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