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How's Your Common Sense? Do you like to play some puzzle games? It's like a test to see if you know all the different types of things. What do you say? Do you want a challenge? The game is called Trivia Crack and was developed by Enermax.


I like to play with friends; human curiosity and competitiveness are eternal. So when the two come together, we have a game form called a quiz show. The traditional platform is not enough to satisfy the player's curiosity and the natural person's social needs because of the limitation of the Question Bank and the network. And when mobile gaming came along, it became possible. It isn't easy to translate the two-word title literally. Players can create a new game after opening it and simply registering for it. Players can choose from two modes, the classic mode, and the challenge mode. Both modes can be synchronized, allowing players to play their part and then wait for the other to respond, allowing each side to play a game for days. The Challenge Mode is a one-off game where the player completes their 12-question challenge and then waits until the other player finishes the game, then by comparing the game's score, finish time to determine the winner.


There are six categories of topics: sports, the arts, entertainment, history, science, and geography. In the classic model, players randomly select the categories of subjects to be answered each time through a roulette wheel. When a player answers three questions in a row, they will be given a character medal if they answer all four questions correctly. On the contrary, if the player does not answer a question correctly, then the game right to the other side, until the other side has a wrong answer, the right to return to the game. The game of "Trivia Crack" is played out in this back-and-forth. Like many such games before it, problems in the game arise through the player. At this point, are you interested? You can download it and play it with your friends to see how many questions you can get right. Don't hesitate. Just download it. I'll wait for you in the game.

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