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Do you like the cute face-pinching game? Do you like nice clothes? If you meet these two criteria, I will introduce you to the next game you will love. The game is called PitzMaker and was developed by EIGHTSTUDIO.


It is a super fun two-dimensional simulation of the face pinch game. Play relaxed freedom; players here can unlock a variety of hairstyles, clothing, props and materials. Here free collocation, dress up a different style of the two-dimensional animation head. It can be used as their head, and wallpaper can also share with friends and play rich content! A two-dimensional face-pinching game. But the game is very magical. Not only can face-pinching, but also can dub characters, still download good models to import directly from the net.


The function is powerful the exquisite aesthetic style of the game, rich clothing accessories, and many exciting elements to create a romantic dream of the game theme. You can go around the world to collect a variety of classic clothing, with other players to compete, and see who the most beautiful match suitable attractive. The game also has rich fashion information. The electioneering popularity anchor creates the most creative theme to match and changes the most fashionable Keer. As long as the player challenges the game more skilled, mastering the game in different costumes can be rich rewards.


The game needs to try more game difficulty. Each time the change will bring the other experience. Players can also upgrade their character level, and each group requires players to learn the skills to pass. You can also speak out about your role and place yourself in virtual social circles, opening up different ways of interacting. In general, you can use the game to provide a variety of props to decorate to complete the choice of cartoon characters, and each change will bring a different experience. You can also upgrade your character level, become addicted to playing with it, and use the finished character as your avatar. The game needs you to challenge more game difficulty; each kind of level needs the player to learn the skill to pass the level. It's challenging. Do not hesitate; beautiful clothes and a lovely game screen are waiting for you; quickly download it!

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