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Don't have time for a cat but still want to play with one? My Virtual Pet Cat is the easiest way to give your virtual pet any shape you like. This guide will help you get started playing with your digital kitten, and hopefully, help you decide to pick up a real-life feline! So, what is Bubbu - My Virtual Pet Cat? Well, Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat is a Nintendo DS game that allows you to interact with and take care of a virtual cat. In this game, you will be able to feed your cat, grow it, play with it, wash it and many other things.


You may earn points by playing minigames or by visiting the shop to purchase new items for your kitty. Some minigames also allow you to play with other animals besides cats such as dogs and rabbits. Start by putting the game card into your Nintendo DS on the home screen, then select START on Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat. This is the fun part. You will be able to take care of your cat and see how it grows, as well as see how it reacts to different things that you do.


To play with your cat you will have to select one of the different options on the minigames list on the left side of the screen. It's important to note that if you are going to keep your cat, you will want to look at its information by selecting DON'T HAVE TIME FOR A CAT but still want to play with one? After this part plays a little bit longer it will tell you whether or not you should keep your pet or if you should get a new one. So, let’s start it and enjoy your digital pet and make a lot of memory with your pet.

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