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Do you want to know what it's like to have a virtual pet? Then give this game a shot! Bubbu is your fictitious pet cat. It has all the traits of a pet, such as being cute and emotional and liking to eat tasty food, but it also has clever characteristics, such as Bubbu's liking to snap selfies, visit friends, and dance. You can tour Bubbu's home and learn more about your virtual pet's existence. Overall, this is a cute cat exploration game.


Of course, you must look after your adorable pets. Bubbu enjoys cuddling with you as you eat, dress, and bathe. This lovely virtual pet cat requires your love and attention every day, so look after it from morning to night. You want to ensure that your cat is always happy and smiling and that he is never hungry, tired, sick, or bored. Don't be too hard on yourself; Bubbu is a cute and sensible cat who will provide you delight as long as you take care of it. You can dress Bubbu in fancy attire and take him to a trendy showroom. Don't forget to design a dream home for your adorable virtual pet cat. Create and design a warm and inviting kitty's house.


Here are a few pointers to get you started. Every day, spin the fortunate wheel, perform daily challenges, and explore your friends' houses to earn extra rewards in cat games. Completing milestones will grant you free diamonds, which you may spend to purchase special accessories for your virtual cat. You can also turn Bubbu's house into a charming kitty villa. You can raise organic food in your garden and milk cows every day like a genuine farmer. Refit your awesome car and get ready to go mountain climbing. Go for a walk, fish, or dive near the sea. You may go to cities or even launch a rocket into orbit to safeguard your world from alien invasion. Play football, basketball, traverse marine rocks or climb trees.


If you can't raise a kitten that belongs to you in real life, come to the realm of Bubbu! It will provide you with hours of entertainment!

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