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Do you like kittens? I guess no one can say no to a cute kitten, right? If you can't have it in real life for a while, I have a way to make it happen. The game, called Bubbu, something like My Virtual Pet Cat, was developed by Bubadu.


This virtual cat game is an exciting cat hand into the tour. You feed cute cats, play games with cats, unlock rich clothing, and enjoy a free life. The cat in the game is called Bubbu. The game is very healing and full of warmth and loveliness. Here's a quick tip to get you started. First, you need to spin the wheel every day, complete your daily challenge, explore your friend's houses, and get extra rewards. Complete these tasks, and you'll get some free diamonds that you can use to buy unique gifts for your pets!


There's a lot you can do in Bubbu's world. You can turn Bubbu's house into a luxury villa. You can grow organic food in your yard and milk your cows like a real farmer. Polish up the sports car and get ready for the mountain trip. Go for a walk to the beach to catch fish or dive. You can go to cities and even rocket into space to defend the Earth from aliens. You can play soccer, or basketball, cross a beach reef or climb a tree. Try to experience different activities throughout the day and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature. Take Bubbu to the fashion show, and make it look chic. And Don't forget to build your dream house for your cute cat. Customize and decorate the house with excellent furniture combinations to make the cat's home beautiful, warm and comfortable. Bubbu is waiting for you to feed, dress, hug and bathe. This cute little cat needs your love and care every day, so take good care of him from morning till midnight. Above all, make sure your kitten is always happy, smiling, and never hungry, sleepy, sick, or bored. What do you say? Are you Ready? See your cat now!

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