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It’s impossible for anyone not like pets. Imagine your pet that can sing and also at the same time have experience farming a whole farm. You can have them all together here in this game. The release of My Singing Monster became one of the most successful games to ever be created according to both revenue and user ratings. Its user rating of 4.5/5, and currently holds the top download spot for its genre in both Google Play and the Apple store. This game's growing day by day for all.


The game has players create their own monsters that they can collect, battle against, or befriend by singing a song with them in an online world. The player must then earn currency by catching more monsters to use to buy new clothes and make their monster stronger through the purchase of food or potions. The player also has to make sure that he or she takes care of his/her creature(s) as if it were a real pet before it dies from sickness or old age. This game is a social networking panel simulator game. The player has a small farmhouse that serves as their headquarters and can also communicate with other players in order to get help, share ideas, or find out more information. They can also chat with other players if they are not in the mood to farm.


The game is based on a non-linear storyline and has events that occur every Saturday. These events include new monsters, new items for purchase and free gems for the player. The game also has a holiday season that lasts from November to January where special items are given out or less time is spent waiting for resources. This is where your journey begins - Join now and help create your own singing monsters! And enjoy the ownsome game.

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