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You may be thinking that there are already a ton of rhythm games out there. But no, there's not. With its fast-paced, innovative 3D gameplay, Arcaea is something new and refreshing to the genre! Check out the noob guide for getting started with Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game! Arcaea is a rhythm game that uses a combination of sound and visuals to create an immersive and captivating experience.


Arcaea has three different layers: beat, melody, and story. The player must match the on-screen symbols in order to complete each track. The player can either use the button controls (A for red, X for blue) or the touchscreen controls where swipes are used to play the song. You can choose which layer you want visible by clicking on them from bottom to top with your mouse or finger respectively. As you progress through tracks, new patterns will unlock as well as new difficulty levels. The point is to create a rhythm that matches the beat and melody in each track, however, you should also make up the lyrics as well. There are four types of tracks: story, re-percussive, live performance, and techno. The songs get harder as you continue through the game.


There are three tracks on each difficulty level: the story is unlocked from the start; techno from track 4; re-percussive from 7; live performance from 5. You can see how much you've progressed by checking out your rank! New ranks unlock for replays of tracks completed. Introducing the STREAM system! STREAM is an in-game social network. Users can "follow" other users and see which of their tracks they've played. The data from STREAM will be used to develop a new ranking system based on "what you play". You can also check out your friends' profile screens, view their completed tracks, and even comment on them! Try it today.

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