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The ultimate makeover that you are waiting for is here! Style your own clothes and makeup to create the look you’ve always wanted. Choose from your favorite items to make an out-of-this-world style that will look amazing! Become a fashionista, with stylish clothes and makeup that everyone will envy. Designers around the globe are ready to help you create a personal style that suits your individual tastes. Share looks on Facebook, chat with friends in-game and keep track of who picks which styles in My Look Book so you can see who likes what most.


Do you have the skills to create a unique look? Over 100 fashion and makeup tools are at your disposal, including several new ones for 2011. Each item can be used for various styles including punk and boho. Use the camera to select a new style and watch as your clothing takes shape before your eyes, then design that look from head to toe with hair, makeup, and accessories that perfectly match the style you’ve chosen. Become a designer in no time at all!


Become an expert in creating different looks with different items. Every item has a number of options that you can access by clicking on them. These include: Color options, Size changes, Texture changes etc. Style c

hoices allows you to find one or more items that would match the clothing or makeup you are using. The game will show you items that match your currently makeup. If something is not selected, it will be considered as “not picked” unless there is a minimum number of picks required in order to use certain items from the style database. This will help in order to make sure that a look has a certain amount of fashion elements while still appearing original. Toss in a few high-tech gadgets, and you’ve got the ultimate makeover. From wigs to hats and more, people everywhere will be envious of your looks.

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