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Lash Salon is this awesome game created by "yoke-sisters" Abi and Celine. In it, you are a salon manager, equipped with everything you need to make your customers feel pampered. You must keep their needs in mind as you create their look, from the color of their lashes to the shape of their brows. Keep in mind that all clients are different - some will have lashes that grow out quickly, and some will be allergic to something in your salons' products. Each customer will have their own personality and characteristics, making them either easy to please or hard as nails.


When you start Lash Salon you will be greeted with a menu screen with the following options:

Start New Game—This option allows you to start a game when one is not currently running. You can continue a game that was previously stopped, if the game is still in progress then stop will be available instead. A pop-up welcomes you to Lash Salon and gives you the basic controls and options. After reading this pop up you can choose your beginning options. Settings—This menu is used to change any of the game settings. You can select to start with a full trunk or be given a modest amount of items for only the basic needs. You can also choose if you start with one beauty salon or two.


Help/Hints-- This option allows you to view the game manual. It will open up in the same window that you started Lash Salon from and it will allow you to look at all other options in Lash Salon. There are no hints on what each option does, but there are several pages of tips and strategies on each option in this manual so I'd consider them spoilers if any were available prior to read this.

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