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Decor Life - Home Design Game is a full 3D game that you’ll be playing on your mobile device. You can choose a wide variety of beautiful, bright, and cheerful decoration objects to decorate your home, including beds and wardrobes. With an in-built game engine using Unity3D, it supports various devices. Here we will introduce the basic operations of Decor Life.


In this game, you are going to build beautiful homes for these Decors and watch as they slowly grow happier and happier with each new achievement you make. Every time a Decor is given an award for something you have done for them; they give you the corresponding award. There are lots of different Decors to unlock, each with its own personality, and giving you the pleasure of decorating their homes with a host of different decorations. You can find a wide variety of decoration items in the decoration area: beds, wardrobes, and so on. To select an item, tap on the “Select” button at the bottom-left corner to open the selection window. Select the item to be moved or rotated, and tap on it to confirm. Tap an item selected as described above onto a spot where you want it placed to move it there. If you want to move higher up or down, press your finger and slide it up or down while holding it. When placing the bed, set the position of the bed’s foot by rotating the mouse cursor. If you want to place the bed with its foot more towards one direction than another.


Decor Life is a game that can really bring fun to a household. There are so many decorations to choose from and they are all different in their own way. Each Decor has its own personality, so choosing one to decorate your home with is difficult.

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