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The Secret Society: Mystery is a game set in Solving puzzles and finding items. Players will play as members of the secret society, which is investigating the disappearance of items and lots of puzzles. In this game, players will take on the roles of both innocent civilians and dedicated investigators trying to uncover a deeper mystery. The game requires players to use deduction and logic to figure out who or what is responsible for taking away their items. And it is up to players to solve the mystery before it’s too late!


Players will have special abilities, represented by colored dice. Each player will have a number of these dice equal to that player’s primary ability. A player’s ability may affect other players’ abilities, allowing them to use more dice or introduce elements such as time manipulation. Players may play events (or actions) to assist their investigation, or to help other players in the game. However, since each player will only have 7 actions (based on the total number of players in the game), they must choose wisely which ones they use. Players’ skill levels will be hidden during the game, so all players will be able to investigate as if they are equally as talented at solving mysteries.


Players will roll their dice equal to their ability and then take turns placing them in a row next to each other. Once placed, these dice can no longer be used but may be modified by certain events that are played. On the other hand, inside the game, when you are found anything, you are going to use a magnifying glass. This ability is a hindrance for players but allows them to perform a special task after two rolls. Special abilities may be used during this special period, as well as during your turn. So, it's time to start this game.

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