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Time Princess: Story Traveler is a game that's all about time travel! You get to play Princess Luciana, and one of your missions is to explore the story of Elsa from Frozen. The game starts out in the Enchanted Forest and then you go through the scenes in order when it comes to what happened with Elsa during that time. The app has some great features such as playtime mode, which means it's shorter for kids or those who don't have too much time to spare but still want to enjoy their game too.


This game is a great game for all ages, and it's even better for kids because you get to travel through time. You can play as Elsa in the past to help her learn how to control her powers. She'll travel back and forth from Arendelle and the Enchanted Forest so that she fits in with her subjects. Every time you complete a mini-game, there will be a reward that helps you along your journey. It's great for kids because of the split mode that makes this game even more interesting than other games out there. The split mode is when you play as a character in the story and then when you're done, there's a world map where you can move between other scenes.


If you're looking for an app that's entertaining and easy to use, this game is the way to go! It's great to use if you have some downtime such as waiting in line at the bank or something like that. It's great for kids because it has a "playtime" mode that makes it seem like there's no real-time limit or urgency. That makes it much more relaxing for younger players to enjoy their game. So let’s start this fantasy game.

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