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Roblox is an app and website that lets users create their own custom games, chat and hang out with friends online, or just play a game of basketball. The Roblox platform has been around since 2006, but has experienced rapid growth the last few years and now counts 30 million monthly active players. In the early days of the company there was only one "experience" - basically a game type - but now there are over 3 million with an average of 350 concurrent players at any given time.


Building your world starts by deciding where it will be set. In Roblox you can create a restaurant, a skyscraper, a sandbox, or even an entire city - the imagination is the limit! The first thing you'll do is join one of hundreds of thousands of games and start exploring. The app also acts as an overlay for your phone - if you like what you see in one of these games (a clothing store in a big city perhaps), simply click on it and purchase it via PayPal. Your avatar will now be decked out in the latest fashion!


Once you've decided where to build, there are limitless possibilities. You can create various objects, set lighting and backgrounds, acquire in-game currency (Robux), hire employees, and buy building materials. The possibilities are endless! If you like where you're building, simply create a virtual avatar and go into the third-person perspective. You can then interact with your avatar - say hi to other players or start a conversation with them. You can also explore other people's games as well as take part in any event (special game time) that might be going on at the moment. These events range from mini-games such as "Roblox High School", to more traditional multiplayer games like "Desktop Dungeons" or "Saves The Day”. You can do anything you imagine in Roblox because all you need to do is build it!

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