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Rhythm Hive is a K-pop rhythm game where you can enjoy your favorite K-pop songs! Rhythm Hive is a music game that combines elements from various genres of music, such as jazz, hip hop, rock, and classical. The player's objective is to tap on notes in time with the beat in order to complete increasingly difficult musical patterns. Nowadays almost all around the world, K-pop fans are increasing. Seventeen’s fans one of them. We every day searched for their updates. Try to create notes using their emoji and stickers. Good news for all of those fans all over the world.


Rhythm Hive: SEVENTEEN Update is their first major release patch since the initial release; however, SEVENTEEN Update builds upon the single-player experience presented in the original Rhythm Hive. The full rhythm-based gameplay and progression system are still in place, meaning that you can continue your adventure regardless of whether or not you purchased Rhythm Hive (and its expansion). Just download and start playing. No extra downloads or installations are needed - All you need to do is download for free and play some of your favorite songs from different K-Pop artists. Rhythm Hive works on any android phone with 2GB RAM or more that runs Android 4.1, so no matter what device you have on hand, this game will work just fine.


Rhythm Hive also features an updated game mode called Grids. In Grids, players can play with the same songs they've already mastered in Classic Mode, but with more difficult musical patterns to surprise them. To help navigate through the song's difficulty, we have included a Level Select option from the main menu so players can choose their favorite song at any time. I am very excited about Rhythm Hive: SEVENTEEN's new features. As far as the game is a significant milestone for the studio, and can’t wait for you to play it!

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