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Do you like to play music-type games? Do you have a good sense of music? Do you like the cute and distinctive game interface? If you fit all three of these criteria, you'll love the game I'm about to recommend to you. The game, called My Singing Monsters, was developed by Big Blue Bubble Inc.


This is a kind of mobile phone game for happy leisure. The monster chorus player on the island, and the island has many different types of monsters, the monster of the isle did grow together to sing. It would help if you started a band and created a melody, and each member is a monster for the music. Doesn't that sound like fun! It's designed to produce different sounds through a unique body structure. Whether playing percussion with your hands or whistling in the street with your mouth, you're using a part of yourself, with different timbres, to create beautiful melodies. All you have to do is collect and cultivate these animals with distinct personalities and different tones. You can also build homes for them in the game, free to mix and match to produce more and more rare new members, beautiful melody collocation, elaborate and clever design. The most important thing is that it needs to be different no matter how you mix it. The whole game is a beautiful cartoon game drawing style, with many exciting dungeon task challenges, super-cute monster images, and captivating music listeners. Would you like to try a weird band that created the character while the glee club was growing up? Don't hesitate to download it now! Please remember, when you open each lovely character, their unique musical style will be added to the song to build a richer sound in the symphony. Because some monsters are vocal virtuosos, while others play ornate instruments. Before you hatch, it's a surprise.

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