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Have you ever played a game with 3D and cinematic experience? What if I told you that a game like this with music? Would you be interested? The game I want to introduce you to is if you happen to like Japanese culture, then you will like this game. The Game, Arcaea-New Dimension Rhythm Game, was developed by Lowiro.


The game's name can also be seen as a music game, but this is not a common type of music game. The setting of the game is also exciting and novel. It's about two teenage girls roaming a broken world. They are surrounded by remnants of the original world called the ARCAEA. The melodic fragments called the girls, but they seemed to be consciously divided into two groups, each listening only to the girl they were assigned to. As time went by, the young girls became aware of the dissonance in the world. By this time, the Archaea had given them conflicting ideas about what the world should have been like. This is an entirely two-dimensional style of the audio-visual game, to which the players brought the ultimate feast.


At the same time, the game also has a variety of play modes for you to challenge; play is delightful. Of course, there are not only various characters in the game for you to unlock the experience but also many songs for you to unlock the challenge. Different themes have different challenge levels; players who want to score higher must constantly improve their hand speed and a better sense of rhythm. A new two-dimensional music rhythm game, through the touch and control of the game rhythm, to challenge the classic game fashion upgrade, feel the unique music rhythm of the arcade game feel. In an exciting and fun game mode, you can choose your challenge mode and re-create the glory of Music Masters. The game is also full of arcade-style music games with the melody and touch, press and slide. Listen to songs written by composers worldwide, led by Japan, and use screen space to glide and follow the flowing melody. In short, the ultimate secret is to lose oneself in this lost world where light and struggle intertwine. The game also has a perfect point to travel anywhere at any time without a network connection. You can play on your phone or tablet. Both free songs and paid songs. Contains original and independent songs from the game. Unlock many free songs or pay to buy more exciting pieces of your choice.

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