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Are you good at makeup? I mean, for some step, like eyelashes. It's tough for me to stick to my eyelashes. If you like this type of game, I will introduce you to the game you will enjoy. The game is called Lash Salon and was developed by CrazyLabs Ltd. Lash Salon is a fun simulation of dressing up to do the eyelash game. To make gorgeous eyelashes to help your customers finish the eyelashes, you can try to make different eyelashes! Give your customers the eyelashes they want! Don't forget to dress up your customers when you dye them! And there's so much fashion to wear. The game has various hairstyles you can go-to shape and multiple colors you can freely match. Play is also very accessible, and you can go to the game anytime, anywhere, to bring you more fun. There are lots of clothes out there for you to collect to mix and match more styles. More interactive infinite jest and try some of the new play, exercise your attention and agility. Feel the happy time control the role direction, according to their rhythm to run to the point, must win. The new track different play, experience challenges, and friends can increase the game's fun is very good. There are many beauty programs, such as clearing acne for customers to dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes for the growth of color.


The game has many makeup tools for players to use. Here you can learn a lot about the makeup of knowledge. Colorful clothing and accessories can be free to choose from, and you can, according to their preferences, carry out a variety of different collocation. Many changes into a task for you to challenge, complete the various challenges, and get prosperous rewards. Are you tempted? Don't hesitate, just download it, and play it with your friends! Enjoy the game!

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