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It can be said that every girl is a makeup artist. They will get up every morning and put on makeup and dress up carefully. Sometimes, girls also change their makeup according to the occasion. It has to be said that girls are very diligent in becoming beautiful. Maybe, have you ever thought about owning your own eyelash studio and beauty salon? Too busy at work? It doesn't matter. Lash Salon can help you make your wishes come true. Lash Salon is a makeup game designed for pretty girls. This game helps you to open an amazing eyelash studio and beauty salon to make dream eyelashes and eye art makeup. In your lash studio, you need to run your studio well and use your makeup talents. There will be customers coming into the store to experience beauty services, at this point you need to give your customers the ultimate eyelash salon spa experience, give your customers a custom makeup look just like DIY makeup and much other makeup artist and makeup games.


Lash Salon is a game worth playing for girls. First of all, this game provides a beauty platform, allowing girls to freely develop their own makeup talents and design unique makeup. Secondly, Lash Salon is also a management game. You need to manage your eyelash studio and customize special makeup for customers. Here, you can get a sense of achievement in doing business. Moreover, this game is simple to operate, players can easily get started, and there is no difficulty. Although the gameplay is simple, the game is also very interesting. The game provides a variety of cosmetics and makeup tools, players can choose and match colors at will to design beautiful makeup. What are you waiting for? There are long queues outside your spa lash salon and clients are waiting for your dream lashes and eye art makeup!

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