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Are you color-sensitive? Do you enjoy dressing up? I would recommend one of my favorite games, Decor Life-Home Design Game, developed by SayGames Ltd. The style of the game is to eliminate and housing design combined with the fun challenges of the game, unique and easy way to let you play anytime, anywhere fun. During the challenge, you'll be in a better mood, and these different elimination levels will better train your observational skills.


The agile operation to get more points and unlock various costumes to create a dream family. There are more levels in the game, trickier elimination challenges, and more complex houses to decorate for you. A wide variety of furniture and accessories of different styles need to be perfectly matched up to be more exquisite. Operation is no complex process but more tests your thinking and imagination to decorate the home. Eliminate these colorful gems, and the classic three elimination allows you to get up to speed to complete the test. Step by step challenge to become the perfect design master, make your home style more dreamy and aesthetically pleasing. Well done trials yield coins, and you can unlock your favorite costumes. To build a house in the game, you have to hire workers, and you have to pay them enough and you have to pay them every day. Of course, you can also use the acceleration function. Design your own house. Different houses require different tools and items to unlock them. Decor Life is a small game that can bring you exciting room decorations, all kinds of games can be brought to you in this virtual world, and there is much interesting decorative play to wait for you to go. More simulation games are waiting for the players to go on, giving you a lot of fun decorative experiences and more exciting challenges waiting for you to carry out.

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