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If you are a fan of interior design, you will not want to miss this game. Decor Life can give you a home design platform where you can experiment with various furniture and decor life themes. Interior design game Decor Life mixes a variety of simple and easy-to-learn mechanics with a profusion of distinct rooms, furniture items, and design elements to provide players with all of the joy and excitement of moving and decorating without the inconvenience and hard labor of everyday life.


A wide and ever-expanding variety of rooms, each with its own distinct ambiance, are available to you in this virtual world. It is your responsibility to choose the best fit for each area. It is possible to select furniture and décor options while playing the game, and then move furniture around the room until you find the ideal location. There are various specifics to which you should pay close attention. First, sort the furniture and objects from the old, unrenovated room into the appropriate boxes, then choose a home design plan, open the box, organize the furniture, and then unpack and arrange the new decorative things and objects in the newly renovated room, as shown in the photo below. In addition, there is no one-size-fits-all solution in Décor Life, and no one will correct your selections at the conclusion of each level. You have complete freedom to select the designs and furniture that you want and to determine whether or not they are successful or not. So there is nothing in Décor Life that prevents you from being creative and making the most of the opportunity to let your design imaginations run wild. Furthermore, players are not required to complete the stages in a specific order; instead, they can decorate any location in the game by exploring all of the numerous rooms on the map. Playing this inventive and the unique decorating game will allow you to unleash your inner artist!

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