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How's Your Math? Do you like parkour? I want to recommend a game that I have liked very much recently. The picture still is very fresh and lovely. Freeplay Inc. Count Masters developed the Count Masters-stickman Clash, an exciting casual parkour puzzle game. In the game, you will have a certain number of blue match people; in the face of other colors in front of the match people block, you need to beat them through the rules of skill to move forward!


Fingertip operation is simple, plays a variety of ways, and is highly recommended! You need to control a large number of matches in the game, in the level through various levers to expand the number of people and break through the barriers to reach the bottom of the parkour game. The game is a perfect combination of puzzle and action, allowing players to calculate which leverage to use to get higher returns during parkour. That's why I'm asking if you're good at math. It's not much to work with. There are many props you can try. If you can afford to take risks, you will be rewarded. The graphics are still cartoonish, the games are more fun, and the escape from the experience is more complicated. Nimbly avoid one of the more dangerous. The overall difficulty will be their own experience and choice. Players can collect many different characters, and other characters have different abilities. The more villains you order, the more powerful you'll become and the easier it will be to defeat the boss. There will be a lot of obstacles here, and players need to be flexible to avoid them.


The diversity of parkour challenges, to the flexible control of their tiny people, attract more groups of people to form teams. Gradually increase in difficulty must be in the early many of the cultivation of their forces to calmly deal with the enemy. Defeat the opponent, surprise the egg waiting for you, bring you more joy, and cheer for victory. Are You Ready? I'll be waiting for you in the game!

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