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What do you do to pass the time when you're bored? Come and try this simple, realistic, and competitive game that will take your worries away and ensure that you never feel alone again. Count Masters is an exhilarating third-person running simulation. Inside, you'll discover plenty of amusement and excitement. In this game, you will battle alone, choose the best door and pass through it, bring stick warriors together, and engage in combat with opposing groups of people. Keep your people safe as you navigate your way through the busy metropolis till the end of this amazing game! Roughly navigate your way over obstacles, defeating everyone in your path while collecting coins and upgrading your levels. Defeat King Stickman in the final fight and you will be able to take control of the castle! Count Masters is a strategy game with appealing graphics and straightforward principles. You may immerse yourself in the colorful world of Count Masters, which is full of gang conflicts and stick fights to keep you entertained. Prepare to spend many hours playing one of the most entertaining running games ever created.


There are various features in the game. As a starting point, you should know that you are not just an ordinary messenger, but that you are the boss of a group of deacons. This means that you must rally your gang and lead them into a life of conflict! Second, you must utilize your wits to succeed in the game. It is up to you to keep track of the points, grow the number of runners on your team, and select the appropriate gates in order to win the most intense stick battles. And, as your strength increases, you will face a variety of problems; however, don't worry, you have your own group of stickmen to help you battle your most ferocious adversaries. Count Masters is a fantastic game for passing the time when you're bored; play it today and forget about your everyday problems for hours! Also, this game is absolutely free, so there are no additional payouts to worry about. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to join this virtual universe!

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