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Are you good at taking care of people? Do you like playing simulation games? Don't think too hard about this answer because whether or not you are up to it, the game I recommend below will help you. The game is called The Baby In Yellow and is played by Team terrible. I have to admit that the game is a bit scary because you can feel some weird atmosphere through the baby. The Baby In Yellow is an exciting simulation of a casual hand tour. The use of real delicate 3D game quality and novel play brings a different fingertip experience. Here you will be a nanny who needs to take care of a mischievous baby; easy to operate not only the high degree of freedom of play but also a variety of hidden props for you to find.


All you have to do is feed the baby, change the diapers, and put Darling to bed. Darling, however, has a habit of sneaking away from you. You're a nanny, and you have to take care of a somewhat troublesome baby. The game is divided into three chapters, and you can perform regular babysitting duties. Open the door, and you may even find yourself floating. The game has no soundtrack, so don't worry about the added shock. It would help if you changed her diaper, fed her regularly, and put her to bed when she is sleepy. This is not an ordinary child. She always has some strange ideas and like practical jokes. This is your duty as a babysitter. Overall, all you have to do is put the child to bed without making any noise. Your task is to play well with him, satisfy all his unreasonable demands, and complete all the tasks given, and there are several story chapters, the more complex, the later. In general, players need to control the baby's continuous progress, rich challenges, and various levels to unlock. It was easy to tackle the many difficulties, braving the twists and turns, collecting gold coins and props along the way, and helping Darling climb even faster.

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