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Everyone likes playing something new game every day. There are thousands of new games online but which one is good or which one is bad really tough to differentiate because each person has different tastes. Among all those games, Crossy Road is a popular title from the creators of Flappy Bird. It has been a few years since Crossy Road came out, but it remains one of our most popular titles with millions of downloads. Why? Let me explain it down.


This game has everything you could ever want in a mobile game all have. Like- This game has simple gameplay for those who don’t like complicated gaming functions also has difficult levels for those who like the thrilling ways to play and each and all levels are full of suspense and challenging, and most important the ability to beat your friends. Ha! Ha! Ha! Plus, inside the game, all the characters are super adorable! Not only It includes adorable characters you would want to play with for hours on end but also be careful every time the characters you choose. If you loved Flappy Bird-like me, Crossy Road is something you'll find enjoyable as well.


This is the best time to download this game if you have not already – they have just released new worlds and characters from Disney's Zootopia and Moana. There are always daily challenges that add another layer of fun just when you think you are done with this game. I love how you can play with yourself (and anybody else) in two-player mode, and that every character is really cute! Just one last tip, though. If you are interested in learning something new, I would recommend this game. It also increases your pieces of knowledge. Every puzzle will help you sharpen your guessing ability.

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