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If you enjoy games that are both interesting and exhilarating, you should not miss this one. The Baby in Yellow is a challenging yet enjoyable adventure puzzle game. In this game, you will be responsible for and interact with a yellow-clothed infant who has no eyes to look at. You must assist him in his daily activities and perform the numerous chapter assignments assigned to you. Make sure you don't make her unhappy, otherwise your nightmare is about to begin; this game is quite entertaining but extremely difficult.


In this dark room, you will do interesting simulation activities, and there will also be exciting and thrilling tales for you to follow. The game is played from the first-person point of view. It falls to you, as the nanny, to take care of a difficult little infant that is being held captive in this dimly lighted room. It is your responsibility to put your child to sleep quietly, without creating any loud sounds. Breastfeeding and changing diapers are two of the most fundamental tasks. You must pay attention to his words and actions in order to determine the most appropriate technique; do not proceed mindlessly. It is divided into three chapters, and you will be able to execute typical babysitting activities such as feeding your baby, changing his or her diapers, and putting your baby to sleep. The baby, on the other hand, has a habit of sneaking away from you, unlocking doors, and even doing a little floating.


Keep an ear out for the child's footsteps and stay away from her until you can locate a weapon. The sound effects throughout the entire game are terrifying, the graphics are bizarre, and the home itself is creepy as all get out. With the infant in yellow, you must use your brains and grit to outwit and outlast him. Isn't it beginning to sound exciting? Players who enjoy games that are both tough and thrilling should hurry up and download this title!

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