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Do you like princesses? Do you still dream of being a princess when you are a minor or grow up? If the answer is yes, then you must download the game. The game, called Time Princess: Story Traveler, was developed by IGG.COM. Time Princess is a mobile phone game that focuses on dressing up. With very sophisticated character models and rich clothing styles, you need to complete various challenges in the game to bring you a unique game experience through the completion of exquisite matching to unlock more game content. Try downloading it now. A Thousand Faces, a global aesthetic, a high degree of freedom to pinch the face system, Color Unlimited, can be whatever you want to be! There are many prints and colors to choose from, and it's time to show off your genius! Here to meet the world from the same good, sharing the wardrobe, sharing your creative design!


From the 18th century Rococo, Arab and Egyptian exotica, each story has its unique clothing for you to choose from, presenting your beauty. Books as a medium, many destined people are waiting to meet with your time and space through time and space. It's up to you to decide how the story ends and how the character's fates will be written! Here, you will visit Versailles and become the legendary Queen Mary by "a necklace" caused by the national crisis. You will travel to Arabia, summon the legendary Djinn, and fulfill your true wishes. And adorn your magnificent destiny! Here, you will experience the beauty of Rococo in France at the beginning of the 18th century and the exotic beauty of Arabia and Egypt. Here, you will meet the man of Destiny, face countless difficult choices, and write your story ending.


Overall, the game is full of rich stories throughout the story, full use of your imagination, and unlock more achievements rewards at any time with a variety of interaction NPC. Collect and open more exquisite fashion for your character to change, Show your creative genius design, and start the journey's magic. Change into the type of game, mainly in the Western court style, integrated into various cultures, and you are free to collect the appearance or custom character modeling. Dear Girl, this is your dream. Now start your Destiny Journey!

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