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Time Princess is a dress-up game with a plot, which sets it apart from other dress-up games. You may want to try this unique game if you are wary of playing the same old dress-up games. It is implied that you will be visiting your grandfather in Paradise Town at some point throughout the game's narrative. You are intrigued by your aged grandfather and your mother's old bedroom in this mystery town, and you can't shake the feeling that there is a secret hidden somewhere in this town for you to uncover. Something incredible happens, and your old dusty podium transforms into a portal between the actual world and the realm of books, from which you may embark on a lovely and enchanting journey. The palaces of all ages are available for visitation. For example, enter Versailles and confront the anarchy that threatens the monarchy in exchange for an exquisite necklace, purchase stunning court apparel, and immerse yourself in Rococo splendor from the eighteenth century, for example. A distinct style distinguishes each narrative, which corresponds to the universe in which it is set: ancient or modern; eastern vs western; and so forth. Both the story's conclusion and each character's destiny are completely in your control!


Time Princess allows you to use your creativity to the fullest extent possible, allowing you to personalize whatever you want with your own unique style, pattern, and color combination. Also, there were animal aspects, which Time Princess included. The simple and entertaining pet system allows you to acquire adorable kittens in a variety of colors and patterns and then send them out to assist you in your material collection effort. Please come and join us in this beautiful realm, where you will learn about a range of intriguing topics and have the opportunity to express yourself creatively.

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