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Heads Up! is a party-friendly word puzzle game published by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. Heads Up! Great for parents and your kids to play in small groups in their leisure time or at family gatherings. While playing, your child will place a tablet or smartphone on their forehead and need to guess the words it shows based on clues provided by other players. At the same time, others come to help the children confirm whether they are right or wrong. Of course, parents can also play the game as word-guessers with clues provided by the children. When finished guessing an anagram, the children guessed the next word by flipping the phone up or down and following the directions.


Heads Up! has a heads-up anagram version for kids. This is great for your younger kids to play with. Rather than offering regular pop culture references, this version focuses on providing the most basic vocabulary of animals, actions, and objects around the house. In addition, an image will appear on the game to help younger children better identify what they are seeing.


The specific gameplay of Heads Up! is that children will choose a category from seven "card" themes, and the game will combine the content of these categories with identifying accents, humming music, guessing a song, performing movements, and other combinations of fun activities. So it is very suitable for young children to start understanding concepts.


At the end of a round, children can see how many cards they got right and calculate their score. From there, parents can keep track of their kids' wins from their phones. Even more interesting, the game was able to record cute videos of kids trying to give each other clues. This is very interesting and meaningful. Parents can even share videos of happy moments between you and their kids on social networks, or just save them to enjoy with their kids later.


Overall, Heads Up is a great social game for kids, and some of the categories allow your kids to immediately show off their acting moves or hum a song, making for a fun and enjoyable game for kids' Party activities that exercise their talents. So, download this fun party game for your kids now.

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