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Wordle! is a free word guessing game released by Lion Studios Plus in October 2021. It is great for exercising children's thinking skills. In the game, your child will have six chances to guess the five-letter word, and each guess will provide a clue. At the same time, it makes the children's next guess more educated. When children see one of the letters in gray, it means that the letter is not in the word they are trying to guess. If the letter is yellow, it means that the letter is in the word single, but in the wrong place. When the children see that the letters are green, then everything is correct, so the correct answer the children get will show five green letters in a row.


In this game, you and your kids will see that Wordle is a game with a simple design, but it displays impressive elegance and beauty. While kids only have to guess five-letter words, the randomness of guessing doesn't make the game boring and obscure. Parents can even lead their kids to find Wordle strategies, for example, some players have concluded that the game always starts with the same word to eliminate common letters. These clues naturally lead your kids to make better guesses and win faster. This provides children with an exciting drive to explore and guess. In the moment of success, you and your children will experience the charm of using wisdom and strategy in puzzle games together. While the play will give most people little chance of getting it right on the first or second try, once it does, your child will have more confidence in his own mind. This brings a lot of fun and a sense of achievement to the children's intellectual growth.


Overall, Wordle is an excellent word puzzle game for kids. Its play process will make children feel quiet and comfortable. It can be said that this is an exploratory little brain teaser game. Therefore, I highly recommend parents download it for their kids.

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