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Clash of Clans is a 2D village building online multiplayer battle game published by Supercell. It's great for kids who love strategy action games, but the app license agreement requires all players to be at least 13 years old. In the game, children's goal is to build their village, design their base and defend the turf. Kids need to build their village by constantly collecting gold coins, medicines, and at the same time, train their troops to become stronger and stronger, and conduct attacks and raids in single player or PVP campaigns.


Clash of Clans is about the acquisition and utilization of resources. Children will fight against AI and other players. In the game, children need to use their own money to buy resources such as weapons and decorations, and gain money by attacking other factions, and then spend money to get more resources. They can watch a replay of the battle as the enemy destroys the children's village. This way the kids can understand the enemy's tactics and strengthen their defenses in the next battle.


The main feature of the game Clash of Clans is that children first improve by collecting resources, building villages, creating their own civilization, and protecting their inhabitants with defensive structures. The second is that it has a variety of game modes, namely a single-player war mode where you compete with goblin camps for rewards, and a PVP mode where you attack other players' villages, steal prey, and join clans for large-scale wars. In the end, where the game chooses to place units on the battlefield will have different tactical uses, for example, a bad place can mean disaster or victory.


The main component of Clash of Clans is the multiplayer mode, where kids can attack other players, villages, and defend their villages, but during the game, kids can't communicate with other players directly with each other, even though Clash of Clans has a chat feature. The players are in their village. But parents need to be aware that fortifying towns and building armies costs money in the game, and Clash of Clans' in-app purchases allow your kids to buy coins for real money and make them level up faster.

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