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If you are looking for some simple, yet fun and challenging puzzle games, then STOP!!! look no further! As an avid player of dress-up games such as this one(Outfit Makeover), I know how difficult it is to pick out the right outfit. However, with these puzzles, you will be able to achieve your desired style with ease. Yes, not kidding, it’s true. Inside this game, you can play through over 20 levels of exhilarating fashion-themed puzzles and come up with your own unique style. Believe me, those results are actually good. The whine I play feels like I personally dressed up, ha! Ha! Ha! When you play, during the paid time, you can earn stickers that can be traded in for special gifts! Special gifts will be…..! Wait! not going to expose it now. You can watch it out during your playtime.


The object of the game is to create your very own style as you complete your looks. The puzzles are challenging, but not impossible! The object is to design an outfit that will flatter you and blend in with the setting while matching your mood and personality. Here's what has been added. You can now use a variety of facial expressions (smile, wink, frown). Some levels have special conditions (the same outfit with different accessories or someone else's outfits), so it's important to be able to dress for all personality types.


Last but not least, game new feature: you can use the arrow keys on your phone or on your tablet controls to move the clothes around in your closet for convenience. Removed the task to place your scarf and shoes together near the end of level 5. Get this adventure started now! Play today and show your friends how good you are at picking out outfits!

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