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Trivia Crack is a 3D board game published by Etermax. In the game, children's task is to win by turning a wheel to move around the board and reach the finish line before the opponent. After the children land on a square, they all need to answer a question. If done right, the kids can turn the wheel again. If the answer is wrong, the opponent starts to turn the wheel.


Trivia Crack supports real-life battles, and the game has a neat turn-based system. Because the game has enough communities and players, children don't have to wait long in the game. On the screen, children see a life meter that regulates the number of games they can start. Trivia Crack gives your child three lives to play three games. And the health value is replenished at a rate of one per hour. Children can also see the coin count on the screen. These coins allow them to buy items.


Children start by turning a wheel to randomly choose their game topic and can choose to answer the question or skip it, but there are up to three skipped home sessions per game. Questions in Trivia Crack are presented as multiple choice, and after children choose to answer, they will have 30 seconds to choose the correct answer. If correct, the children continue the game until they incorrectly answer a question, and the opponent begins to answer. When children answer three questions in a row, they can answer a crown question. The final victory is achieved when the child has the most crowns after 25 rounds.


Trivia Crack's game content has been carefully polished by the research and development team, so its overall process will make your children feel clean and fun. Games are designed to keep kids entertained. Additionally, its six game themes include geography, arts, entertainment, sports, literature, science and history. I highly recommend parents to download this fun game for your kids.

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