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My Singing Monsters is a multiplayer online music mobile game released by Big Blue Bubble Inc on September 11, 2021. This game is suitable for children of all ages. Children will start playing on a silent island. Their task is to immediately break the silence on the island. My Singing Monsters will have a game tutorial. With its help kids can practice the game by placing the first few singing monsters, after which the kids can build the rest of the band. Early in the game, the monsters kids get are purchased from the in-game store, but the fun really starts when your kids get a pass to combine and breed monsters.


The game's critters are weird, but all have a unique cuteness, and each monster brings an evolving song to the island with a unique voice or instrument. In addition, kids can purchase several islands in the game and each island has unique background music. Every time the kids breed a monster and put it in their new home, the monsters immediately adapt to the rhythm and start stomping, drumming, playing, or singing. Even if the song sounded very full before, a new occupant could always evolve a new dimension for the song. So, kids keep on breeding and adding monsters because they want to hear more unique and new music.


When the kids have had enough music, they can mute their monsters. The kids selectively muting these monsters also changed the pitch of the song. While My Singing Monsters is a novel music game, it's still a traditional quest-and-level game. The kids' monsters earn them gold while they sing, and they can also feed their monsters to level up as higher-level monsters help the kids earn more money.


Your kids will have the opportunity to collect and upgrade over 150 cute and fun monsters in the game and customize their island with cool decorations and catchy music. Plus, kids can enjoy cute and fun graphics and character animations. Therefore, I highly recommend children try this game.

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