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Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game is a music rhythm game published by Lowiro. Its easy-to-use controls, beautiful visuals, and exciting story mode are perfect for kids. During the game, the notes move down the screen. Kids need to hit all the notes as accurately as possible and don't miss any to win as many game points as possible.


Arcaea is primarily played with touch controls, and the touch controls are very easy to master. In the game, kids need to tap each note at the right time as it falls to the bottom of the screen. While Arcaea is a rhythm game like most, its best feature is its huge library of high-quality music. Arcaea contains nearly a hundred songs from over 50 different artists and many from other video games and popular anime. This is very familiar and attractive to children. Each song of the game also has three different difficulty levels for kids to choose from.


The sky notes in the game are very interesting. Kids will see a regular bar that looks like a track note, and it comes in blue, pink, or blue and pink. Each color specifies which button needs to be used, left or right, and kids can use either for a two-color button. It sounds simple enough, but when the persistent sky notes come into play, the game doesn't get any easier. Sky notes work very differently than normal notes. Kids need to drag their fingers to keep up with the sustained notes, while they can also touch anywhere on the top half of the screen to strike bars. As the notes move up and down, left and right, children will find it challenging and fun to play more difficult songs.


Overall, Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game is an excellent and fun music game. Whenever kids only play a song or two, they find themselves playing for at least an hour. As such, it's not easy to fully master the game, so if you're looking for a new challenge for your kids, don't miss Arcaea.

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