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Rhythm Hive- All-New Chapter is a rhythm music game published by HYBE Co., Ltd. Its easy-to-use controls and beautiful visuals are perfect for kids who love music and rhythm. Rhythm Hive, like many other rhythm games, is tasked with the goal of performing actions and getting the highest score by tapping, trailing, and long-pressing at the locations indicated by the beat of the song. Overall, Rhythm Hive isn't difficult, but it has a variety of different game modes, thus making it stand out in its class and more fun. No matter which game mode is chosen, kids can change the difficulty and customize their stage. Also, kids can choose to make a full song or a short version, as Rhythm Hive has the option that most rhythm games never have a full song.


Rhythm Hive has three main game modes. The first is the live stage mode. Kids can pair up with other players and form groups. Children represent members of their choice. Finally, scores for the kids and other players are calculated and one player is awarded to the top performer. Although it is a competitive mode. But Rhythm Hive's idea is interesting and different from the normal league format. The second is the single-player mode. It can be used as a practice area for the children's live stage, but play tasks also require children to complete challenges here. The third is Mix mode, where kids can create a mix of three songs, which are then pieced together into a playable full track. Kids can also customize the mix of songs by changing the difficulty, speed, and more for each song.


So if you want your first song to be easy, the second to be normal, and the third to be hard, you can do that. Once the mix is complete, it goes up for hours for other players to play. During this time, you cannot make new mixes. Initially, I wanted the remix to be just a single-player game, and you could make new remixes as needed. But I do like the sharing aspect, so it would be nice if they added a studio version of the mix like they did on a live stage.


One of the unique features of Rhythm Hive is that kids can choose a favorite artist to play as a character, and so they can level up over time and earn rewards like different types of in-game currency. In addition, the game has daily and weekly missions with rewards, as well as missions throughout the season. Occasionally, special events also occur from time to time. These are great ways for kids to earn currency and level up to score points.


Overall, Rhythm Hive is an enjoyable game and I highly recommend your kids to experience this unique and innovative rhythm game.

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