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Lash Salon is a makeup simulation game published by CrazyLabs LTD. This is an unmissable game for kids who love beauty and like makeup, especially girls. In this unique game, your kids will have their own amazing eyelash studio and beauty salon and can experience the unique fun of making fantasy eyelashes and eye art makeup.


In Lash Salon, kids can style their game characters' eyelashes any way they like. The tools in the game allow your child to be bold and creative. Here they can fully experience the aesthetic feeling of beautiful eyelashes. Achieving a great pair of lashes require kids to go through many steps, including removal, cleaning, brushing, and then iterative remodeling, resulting in a complete eye art makeup masterpiece.


In their dreamy lash studio, they can provide their clients with a premium lash salon spa experience. It's like experiencing DIY Makeup in real life and being like a makeup artist they've ever seen. This is similar to many make-up games, except that here kids just focus on making up and improving their lashes.


In general, I highly recommend this Lash Salon game. The game is super cool and has simple controls, so your kids will be easy to pick up and have fun creating beautiful artwork and having fun. In addition, Lash Salon is constantly being updated with more features and appearance options. Its very rich and beautiful art is sure to be an amazing experience for kids. Trust me, your kids will love the dreamy eyelashes they create and the game will nurture their aesthetic skills. So, don't hesitate. There's already a long line out the door at the kids' spa lash salon, and their clients are waiting for some dream lash and eye art makeup. Download this game for your child now.

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