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Decor Life - Home Design Game is a space design simulation game published by SayGames Ltd. It's perfect for kids who love furniture decorating. If your kids want to renovate their own house, or dream of having a fresh canvas to create their ideal home design time and time again. Decor Life is a fun and easy way for kids to live out their interior design fantasies and experiment with different furniture and decor concepts in any way they want. Combining a series of simple and easy-to-master mechanics with a vast array of unique space, furniture items, and design objects, the game brings all the fun of space decorating to your kids without the hassle and hard work of real-life renovation work.


Decor Life has a wide variety of rooms for kids to design, and each room has the unique atmosphere and attributes of its owner. Kids can keep trying to find the right decorating solution for each space. In the game, kids simply select furniture and decor options and move them around the room until they find the right spot. Decor Life follows a realistic renovation process from start to finish. First, the kids need to sort the furniture and items from the old unrenovated room into the correct boxes, then unbox and place the furniture, and finally, they unpack and arrange the new decorative furniture in the renovated room.


In the game, children can choose the designs and furniture they want and judge whether they are successful or not based on their needs. Here, nothing stops kids from relaxing and getting the most out of their design fantasy. The game's home design map is always open for kids, and the game doesn't have to play levels in sequence, kids can explore all the different rooms on the map and decorate anywhere. This imaginative and original decorating game will let children's creativity unleash, in a relaxed and open play environment, children can freely choose the interior decoration and appreciate their design results. Therefore, I highly recommend kids download this game.

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