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Count Masters - Stickman Clash is a running game about numbers published by Freeplay Inc. If your kids are sensitive to numbers, or good at math, they'll love this game and have a great time playing it. The Count Masters' manipulation skills are simple, and kids can control many characters running forward with just one finger. But as children control their characters to run forward, they encounter different types of obstacles. In the process, if the children perform well enough, they will win a lot of gold coins. Kids can then use these coins to buy new skins for their characters. When your children's characters have new skins, they will have a new and better gaming experience.


In Count Masters, your kids' reaction speed plays a very important role when playing this game, because they can't hit any obstacles. The obstacles in the game are quite dangerous, and certain sharp spikes can be lethal to children's game characters. Therefore, it is very important to avoid all obstacles in time. Your kids will also see lots of transparent doors with different numbers printed on them. The task of the children is to find the door that will bring them the most characters in the game. For example, when children see two doors with the numbers 10 and 15, they should choose the door with the larger number. Then, the children's team will have more characters to join.


It's a great sense of accomplishment when the kids see their team grow. The whole process makes kids just want to keep going through level after level. Sometimes children also see small numbers with multiplication signs, which can increase the number of children's characters even more. So, when your kids are playing this game, they should always look ahead and keep running. The kids are tasked with making sure the team gets bigger and bigger. Eventually, all the game characters for the kids will jump on the stage. Also, in the final battle, the kids will also face the task of defeating the stickman king.


Because this king stickman has a very big hammer, it is very challenging for kids to beat the stickman king. The king stickman will keep hitting the kids’ characters. The kids need to keep their brave game characters persistent and make sure there are enough stick figures to fight the king until they win the final victory. If the children succeed in defeating the king, they will succeed in occupying the castle and win the final victory. So, if kids are looking forward to playing some really fun and exciting games, then they should definitely try Count Masters - Stickman Clash. Trust me, this 3D running game won't disappoint your kids.

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