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Bubbu - My Virtual Pet Cat is a virtual pet mobile game published by Bubadu. It's perfect for kids who love to take care of virtual cat pets, and this game will nurture your kids' love. The game is very engaging, and kids will love the graphics in the game because they are colorful and eye-catching. Children can explore various places with their cats during play, both inside and outside the house. Children will find the interior of the house in the game very cute, especially when their room is decorated.


Your kids won't get bored in this virtual pet game. There are so many things to do here, like cook for their pet, dress them, play with it, bathe it, or take it to the doctor if it’s not feeling well. Your kids will experience it as if they were caring for a real cat. also. As the kids level up, they will unlock more interesting items, and they can also use the coins they collect to buy other items in the store, which the kids can then use to decorate their house. It's also very interesting. Kids can customize it to their liking. Also, the game has a feature that lets your kids dress up their pets. This makes pets look cute for kids.


Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat also has many mini-games to keep kids busy, such as Pop Balloons, Cat Connect, and Stick Ninja. Currently, there are more than 30 mini-games in the app. Kids can play some fun mini-games when they're done caring for the cat. Also, this is a free download game. While there are in-app purchases, your kids can keep playing without spending real money. Watching in-game ads can help kids earn gems, or use them for premium purchases, but it's not mandatory.


If your kids want a virtual pet, I highly recommend Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat app to your kids. There is so much in the game for kids to keep exploring and they will never get bored in the game.

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